What I learned from the World's greatest salesman

Joe Girard is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "World's Greatest Salesman". In his best year, he sold an astonishing 1,425 cars, an average of over 28 a week. 

How did he do it?

He had a number of ways to bring in business, but one of his most effective was something called "birddogging".

These "bird dogs" were "people who knew people" - anything from barbers and union reps to bankers, doctors and ministers - that he'd reward for sending him business.

I've been using the same principle to help grow my finance business.

I have a few people that send me prospects and, in return, I pay them a generous percentage of the commission I earn.

The amounts can vary greatly - it depends on the type of finance and the amounts involved - but my associates can receive anything from £80 to £1,600 per client.

Looking at those numbers, I'm sure you can understand why they're happy to keep an eye out for people who might benefit from my services!

My ideal prospects are:

- Business owners looking to raise finance

- Business owners looking to reduce the cost of their existing financing

-Business owners wanting to buy new offices or a new factory

- Property developers

-Anyone wishing to lease anything, literally

If you're around people like that, then you could make a very nice second income for passing people my way.

I'm not asking you to sell my services, just for you to join the dots between someone who needs advice about financing and someone who's happy to provide that advice (me).

If you'd like to know more, give me a call on XXXXX XXX XXX and we'll talk about the details.

Best wishes


PS Don't forget, just send me a few clients this year and it could pay for a holiday (or a lot more). So, if you're "people who know people", give me a call today.